Zaz talks about his difficulties in accepting to receive love …

Zaz reunited with Nikos Aliagas for an intimate interview at the GoodPlanet Foundation, in Paris for the show 50 ‘inside from this Saturday, October 16. The singer lent herself to the exercise of the interview, while dissecting key stages in her life.

It was in the Bois de Boulogne, near the GoodPlanet foundation founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand that Zaz found Nikos Aliagas. The presenter looks back on the success of the singer with such a special voice. After discussing with her about her meeting and with Julien Clerc, Nikos Aliagas reminds her of all the met that she did during her career. When he asks him which artist has impressed him the most, Zaz answers tit for tat, Jean-Jacques Goldman or Angelique Kidjo. Following this, Nikos Aliagas asks him “When they (artists) you say “we love this song”, does that still surprise you?“”, to which the singer replies that “take love is something difficult for me”.

To illustrate his point, Zaz shares an anecdote with his technical team. When the latter decided on him gift a bike, the singer reacted in a way surprising, “I ran away. I was in a panic. I did not know what to do.”Indeed, the gesture had a lot embarrassed, at the time. She explains that today she has moved forward, and that she learn to take love, “each other and the public by extension and artists too»Completes Nikos Aliagas.

A 5th biographical album

After a saving break of 3 years, Zaz returns to the front of the stage with a fifth album entitled Is a, related to his son real name, Isabelle. In order to present this matured album, Zaz engages in small short films on his YouTube channel, RFM relay. Through these little films, we discover the creation from this new album and a Zaz, different, ready to engage with his audience, “I tried to develop myself, to listen to myself and to do something other than what I used to do ” tells the singer over her videos.

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