VIDEO – Dominique Farrugia in a wheelchair, looks back with emotion on his handicap

In the program hosted by Laurent Ruquier, Dominique Farrugia returned to his illness and disability on the occasion of the recent release of his book, She never left me, published on October 7.

It’s no longer a state secret, and he doesn’t want it to be anymore. In Children of TV, Dominique Farrugia, director of numerous French films and co-founder of the troupe of No, came back to his illness: multiple sclerosis. On the occasion of the release of his biographical novel She never left me, Dominique Farrugia spoke of his handicap, starting with a unexpected thanks to Laurent Ruquier. “I am in a wheelchair and for the first time, we accepted on a program that I arrive in a wheelchair. Usually, I am brought in with my chair, I am lifted up, and I am seated on a wheelchair. normal chair “, said the fifty-year-old.

Referring to his book published by Robert Laffont editions, Dominique Farrugia admitted that he wanted to “lift the veil” on his handicap and his daily difficulties. Laurent Ruquier, reading an extract from the testimony, mentioned some of them: “You tell, and that’s very moving (…) ‘handicap destroys possibilities, it’s boring to have a father who doesn’t teach you to ride a bike because he isn’t able to run behind you, a father who does not take you on his shoulders either ‘”, read the host of France 2. Before reading his book, and his testimony frank and overwhelming, the author himself confessed: “I am a little moved”.

Mia and Zoé, worthy heirs of Dominique Farrugia

During his visit to the France 2 program, Dominique Farrugia spoke of a trait which his daughters have obtained and which makes him proud: their sense of humor, although it is a bit “brittle”, a delegate the director. Her two daughters, Mia, 13, and Zoe, 11, demonstrate every day how much love they feel for their father, despite illness and disability. “They have this wonderful phrase which is: ‘standing or sitting, we love you‘”, he confided on RTL in February 2020. Despite his tried and true daily life, Dominique Farrugia will always be able to count on the support of his wife, Isabelle, and on the love of his children.

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