Three traffickers of human bones arrested in Yaoundé

They were in possession of 14 bones when they were arrested by the judicial authority, learned from Crtv Web.

Overview of the Mfandena district (c) All rights reserved

The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. This adage more than the world illustrates better the attitude adopted by some people towards the dead who are no longer respected today.

When their funeral doesn’t turn into a real party, it is an opportunity for many to weave good deals around.

The dead, according to customs, are included in a sheet and then buried in a pit of barely a meter for some, or then badly in a coffin and buried in a luxurious tomb for others.

However, whatever the case, the exhumations of graves by an alchemy of which they alone hold the secret, to carry out their work and the facts are visible.

Another arrest of human bone traffickers

This is the case of the three traffickers of human bones who were arrested by the judicial police in the neighborhood. Mfandena in Yaoundé December 26, 2019.

According to Crtv Web, when the traffickers are arrested following an operation triggered by the Federal police, They hold 14 bones human.

One case among many others …

As I recall, one of the most recent cases dates back to the morning of April 12, 2019 when elements of the regional division of the judicial police of Adamaoua (DRPJ / A) got their hands on a stock of 58 human bones the neighborhood Mbideng, in the town of Ngaoundere, capital of the Adamaoua Region.

According to sources close to the investigation opened by the DRPJ / A and the Ngaoundéré gendarmerie company, “ The hastily abandoned remains of a lady belong to a female individual estimated to be 16 years old ” Moreover, ” The skull of the individual presented lesions which probably learned of his death “, an opinion

The phenomenon is growing and deserves even more attention to eradicate it if at all the real tomb of the dead is in the hearts of the living as affirmed Jean Cocteau.

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