“The good Christians”, a plea for holiness, in the best sales

Essays, novels, biographies… Find the best-selling book ranking from September 25 to October 1 in La Procure booksellers. A choice of inspiring readings from a selection of books published over the past four months.

1Sainte Marguerite-Marie And Me

To resume : by Clémentine Beauvais, Quasar. Sainte Marguerite-Marie 2.0! A distant descendant of the Saint of Paray le Monial, Clémentine Beauvais, an agnostic young woman, ecologist and feminist, delights us with a biography as serious as it is offbeat. Rarely will you find such a joyful and iconoclastic spiritual reading. A mind-blowing reading time!Find it in bookstores.

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2Does Catholicism still have a future in France?

To resume : by Guillaume Cuchet, Seuil. Extending his work How our world ceased to be Christian, the contemporary author studies certain manifestations of this phenomenon such as the anthropological mutation engendered by the fact of dying without being a believer, the interest in spirituality or the adaptation of the Church with modernity. Find it in bookstores.

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3The Growers

To resume : by Marion Muller-Colard, Labor and Fides. In a rereading of the parable of the prodigal son, Marion Muller-Colard explores, more than her return, the departure of the youngest son. Not only his departure, but also the necessity of this rupture which brings him into the world more radically than a birth. From the confrontation between the biblical text and a subversive analysis of the age qualified as ungrateful, new avenues of sovereignty spring up. A praise of all our adolescence, because there is no age to “ratify one’s birth”. Find it in bookstores.

4Happiness in your eyes

To resume : by Agnès Hittin, Mame. The author is the mother of Clémence, the actress who plays the general’s daughter with Down’s syndrome in the film De Gaulle. She tells how her daughter’s illness changed the life of her family but also the joy that this relationship brings her. Find it in bookstores.

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5Prayer: A Complete Guide

To resume : by François paper, Éditions Emmanuel. Join the school of prayer with the Pope. Through the study of figures from the Old and New Testaments, Francis presents the different forms of prayer. From praise to blessing via intercession or request, the Holy Father explains how to pray in a liturgical setting or on a daily basis. Find it in bookstores.

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6Georges Bernanos: anger and grace

To resume : François Angelier, Threshold. Biography eagerly awaited, it had been announced for many years without it succeeding. With this biography we can say that Georges Bernanos has finally found his biographer in the person of François Angelier, producer at France Culture, a man of great culture and great erudition. The biography is very beautiful and captivating and makes us want to reread the great Georges Bernanos. Find it in bookstores.

7Good Christians

To resume : by Jean de Saint-Chéron, Salvator. Following the lineage of Flannery O’Connor, Léon Bloy and Georges Bernanos, the author takes a stand against the spirit of gentrification which threatens sinful man. A plea for holiness as the only horizon of credible happiness. To hope and speak to the world! Find it in bookstores.


To resume : by Raphaël Buyse, Bayard. Sharing his personal vision of the Gospels, the priest of the diocese of Lille invites you to a path of simplicity and wonder on the path of spiritual life. Based on canonical texts, he describes how the coming of Jesus to Earth made it possible to reveal the existence of divine life in the heart of man and to bring individuals closer to God. Find it in bookstores.

9The Church And The Feminine

the church and the feminine

To resume : by Anne-Marie Pelletier, Salvator. An essay dedicated to the place accorded to women in the life of the Church according to the Catholic tradition, in a context where the Church shows its desire to entrust more roles to women, at the same time triggering a certain number of resistance. The author traces the history of representations and prejudices as well as their institutional consequences. Find it in bookstores.

tenCassocks and men


To resume : by Josselin Tricou, Eric Fassin. A sociological survey that questions the masculinity of the Catholic priesthood, its gradual downgrading and the crisis of its plausibility within Western societies, caused by various scandals linked to questions of sexuality and gender within the church. Find it in bookstores.

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