The Clash 2021 – The Experience Book Announcement

Announcement Book The Experience

Maud Berthomier tells the story of the Clash year by year while emphasizing the experience that this story represents in the eyes of the group’s biggest fans; while Christophe Conte chronicles with the passion that we know him each of their albums, from The Clash to Combat Rock.

The Clash Experience, this lived story that may be yours is also that of musicians as different as Joe Talblot and Robert Del Naja from the groups Idles and Massive Attack; that of English, American or French rock critics, such as John Ingham, Jim DeRogatis (the biographer of Lester Bangs) and Serge Kaganski; or again, that of men of the image from photography, with Richard Schroeder, or of cinema, with FJ Ossang. All are here questioned by the author. Whether they crossed the Clash on their way or listened to their music strongly, all of them tell in the seven long-term interviews orchestrated by Maud Berthomier why they loved and were so inspired.

With the Clashes, music is always more than music, it expresses a way of being in the world in the face of art, politics, the gender of an era, it is a factor of revelations, even emancipation and of revolt.

So, if you are a fan, or just curious about the era or the arts, throw yourself into these pages and you will (re) find what the Clashes were and still remain today: the spearheads of a huge joie de vivre, a surge of empathy and boundless generosity, and a deep pledge of frankness and musical requirement. And how can the rock fight continue with you!


Maud BERTHOMIER was born in 1982 in Poitiers. Fascinated by the English-speaking world and its culture, she went to study in Montreal, New York then Edinburgh, before returning to France and writing her first book, Even more noise: the golden age of rock journalism in America by those who invented it (Tristram, 2019). This collection of interviews with the pioneers of the rock press (Peter Guralnick, Lenny Kaye, Nick Tosches, Greil Marcus, Jon Landau, Richard Meltzer, etc.), she sees it as a journey through American music and literature, and therefore writing on music never leaves it. She writes the questions for the interviews with the musicians invited on the set of the musical program Echoes presented by Jehnny Beth on Arte. The Clash, his second book, is the result of a total immersion in the “Clash” experience. With this new work, faithful to the form of the portrait, Maud Berthomier opens a new path: no longer individual portraits as she always has done, but a large “feuilletonesque” portrait of a group, The Clash, told by several. voice.

Christophe CONTE, acid feather at Inrockuptibles for 27 years, he now flies with his own wings to discover lost paradises and pop mythologies. Journalist at Libé and Vanity Fair, he is the author of biographies (Nino Ferrer, Étienne Daho) and general works on music, including L’Antidiscothèque Idéale Vol.2. (Released May 21, 2021).

A 286-page book, illustrated with over 100 rare to unpublished photos – Available from OCTOBER 14, 2021 – * Includes DVD: The CLASH – Rude Boys

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