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This week Vanupié, Ultravex, Tristesse contemporaine, Hana and Medhi Cayenne.

Rude ! — Contemporary sadness

I’ve never really liked Tristesse contemporaine, but it’s summer, there’s Lewis Ofman on production who must have made himself very small in front of the lascars. We asked him for a tropical sorbet in the icy kind and it was done with precision. We resume in remix.

Mi Vuloi (feat. Kuntessa) — Ultrafex

I’ve never really liked soft porn, this way of making the language last on the image as if the actresses have published to discover the video or better yet the avant-garde cinema. But anyway, it’s this time, we’re somewhere else and this “you want me” is well soaked in the summer tube.

Dreamtime (feat. Panic) — Vanupié

I love it but there are many people who don’t really like reggae even in summer. So we have to educate them, balance them with holiday homework, that they understand where the pop music that has held up since the 1960s is nestled, how it weaves its way between rap and retro.

Hana — Florent Ghys

We also don’t like too much, when a piece comes out of its Chanson format, when it comes to deconstruct a smooth playlist, the background noise to which we surreptitiously loved each other, à la cool. So Florent with his severe airs, swinging almost baroque strings all the time, he can annoy the barge. So a little effort, please. It will be alright.

Sentimental crowd — Mehdi Cayenne

Ah yes, you had to think about it; recover an old French tube intended for housewives of the 1990s that we revamp with the sax of a Stromae first version. It’s true, we don’t really like it when we’re held hostage by memories and lost love. But hey, it’s summer and anyway, who cares.

Visual : Dreamtime (feat. Panic) — Vanupié

The concert of the lodge ignites the castle of Chambord with a masterful Vivaldi evening
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Antoine Couder

Antoine Couder is a journalist. He is the author of “Ghosts of Fame”, selected for the Brasserie Barbès 2018 prize. He is currently preparing a biography of Jacques Higelin (Ed. du Castor Astral, September 2022) as well as a musical novel, to be published this summer 2022 by Harmattan editions.