Self-publishing — Comparison of platforms 2022 –

You are an author or freelance writer and want to find an effective and sufficient automatic publishing site to make your literary work profitable. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Discover here the best self-publishing platforms that delight men and women of letters.

Amazon KDP

Amazon Kindle Direct is Amazon’s official self-publishing platform. Obviously, several features make it one of the best publication sites online. Indeed, the easy use that it concedes first attracts attention. Its second strength lies in its almost incomparable audience of readers. Similarly, thousands of writers have been able to make themselves known by publishing free books self-published on the platform. The speed of the print service is almost intimidating, and the site’s marketing techniques promise considerable exposure for novelists.

However, the only problem with the KDP platform is the exclusive right it reserves over your documents. In other words, publications on the site automatically exclude other editions in bookstores such as Cultura, Fnac, etc. In addition, publishing in the Kindle format presents many constraints, especially for young writers. Finally, no proofreading or correction service is offered by the platform and a 30% commission is charged on each sale. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is accessible from


On the market ofself-publishing bookish, it is almost impossible to do better than the PodToDigital platform. Here, your simple manuscripts are transformed into a work ready to be read by an increasingly demanding community of books. A hybrid seller in the sector, the services of this company have made it certified Indeed, this site gives access to independent authors to all the options available from major self-publishing platforms and more:

  • publication of a book, novel or ebook;
  • create covers for your documents;
  • full range setting;
  • management of the promotional campaign for the manuscript;

Moreover, the PodToDigital service offers remarkable boosting services. A referencing option is also available, as well as an optimized description of the works. From a general point of view, you can offer yourself, as a freelance writer, a turnkey edition of your book thanks to this platform like no other. Remember that the success of your literary work depends on the quality of the self-publishing service. So check out the site to benefit from effective and comprehensive support.

Books on demand

BoD or Books on Demand is a very popular company in the world of self-publishing. Established in Germany, it has been gradually setting up branches in France over the past few years given its success. So, if printing on demand is its first quality, the platform is effectively expanding its offer for freelance writers. From now on, authors benefit from a range of complete self-publishing and distribution services. Also, BoD differs from other market players by the separation of its two interfaces; one scheduled for writers and the other for editors.

In addition, this platform gives the possibility of seeing his literary work on several platforms such as Amazon, Cultura, Fnac, Youbook, Place des Librairies, etc. Finally, this site offers a margin calculation based on the format, the quality of the cover or the number of pages of your book. All the offers of the BoD platform are accessible on


To give all authors a chance, Bookelis guarantees successful self-publishing, whatever the literary style or profile of the writers. Biography, scientific book, novel, short story; you can be sure that your book will be taken care of. Likewise, this platform also offers a quality service both for large-scale marketing and for a much more reasoned and modest impression.

The Bookelis platform which you can consult by visiting the site therefore offers complete support from the design to the promotion of your work. In figures, the distribution network of this platform has nearly 10,000 physical bookstores given its collaboration with Hachette Livre. Finally, you also benefit with Bookelis from exposure to Fnac, Kobo, Apple Books, Chapitre, Decitre and many other houses. However, this platform charges 50% commission only on online sales. However, no entrance fee is required.


The Librinova platform offers a very rich range of services to independent authors. Among others; you deserve thanks to this site:

  • a writing workshop;
  • coaching or personalized follow-up;
  • of the proofreading and correction option.

The editorial advice offered by the platform supports you during the creation, editing and promotion of your work. Similarly, Librinova has made its network of 200 e-bookstores and 5,000 physical bookstores available to you. Its promotion panel also includes the writing of press releases, online advertising, exchanges with other literary people. Finally, you can even participate in signing sessions specifically organized by the platform.

In addition, no commission is charged by the Librinova platform and its prices remain economically accessible for most of them. The major drawback is nevertheless the threshold of 1000 sales that must be exceeded to benefit from the support of a literary agent. You can visit the Librinova website by clicking on


The Publishroom platform stands out from its competitors by offering a service very close to that of the large traditional houses. Here, the support is total and complete. Formatting, proofreading, correction, editorial advice; everything is designed to put the author in the right conditions. In addition, this platform takes care of the distribution of books on Amazon, Fnac, Cultura, etc. Its Facebook page, which has a lot of visitors, also serves as an advertising showcase for the platform.

The Publishroom company that you can visit by consulting the site does not charge any commission fees on sales. However, its accessible formulas can turn out to be very expensive and remain difficult for a first book.


Behind this very familiar name hides a highly appreciated automatic publishing platform on the market. Indeed, this American company specializes only in the publication of ebooks. However, automatic physical distribution is not possible. However, the platform offers printing services which are obviously chargeable. But in this case, you can decide to print individually.

It is therefore an effective way to share your literary work with your close entourage or with a particular network of authors or readers. On Lulu, publishing your ebook is totally free. But the platform still charges a 20% commission on sales. Visit the site to access the company’s service.