Saint-Calais. A documentary on Manu Dibango in preview at the Zoom cinema

A documentary on Manu Dibango will be screened in preview in Saint-Calais.

How to bring the population back to the cinema? All projectionists wonder. Charly Lambert took the party, he, the organizer of the events.

This summer, the open-air cinema brought together a large number of spectators to watch “ Asterix and the secret of the magic potion “, and “ Kaamelot, first part “. “We gathered more than 200 people on Kaamelot”, welcomes the projectionist. If the free has obviously played, the bet was successful, people were there.

A musical month

For the month of October, Charly has planned other events. “It’s been a while since it was trotting in my head to have a musical month,” he explains.

And what better way to inaugurate it than a documentary on a symbol of world music and who spent part of his adolescence in Saint-Calais, Manu Dibango. “Actually, I had asked for the film and the directors, but I thought the film was coming out in September, so not at all for a preview. And when I offered them the idea of ​​bringing in the directors, and they told me that it would be great for a preview, well ok, it was on, ”laughs the one who doesn’t think so. stall such an event in its Calais cinema.

“We had created privileges”

Charly has one particularity, he knows Manu Dibango well.

I played the saxophone when I was a kid, I played for his 60th birthday. And I was part of the organization of the Soirs au village festival. We had created privileges

Charly lambertProjectionist

Charly explains in a few words the ground of the movie. “The two directors, Patrick Puzenat and Thierry Dechilly, followed him for five years. In fact, they started touring for his 80th birthday concert at the Olympia and they’ve never left it. This represents 98,000 km, three continents. This is a crazy thing. “

Before adding, “this is not a simple documentary on Manu, it is a very beautiful documentary on Manu. And with passages on Saint-Calais, we see his last room in college, and there are interventions by Michel Letellier.

“A phenomenal memory”

A story faithful to the interpreter of ” Makosa Soul “. “There is one chosen one who has always amazed me with Manu, it is her phenomenal memory. Everyone recognized him when we walked with him, but he too recognized everyone. He could go out to a guy who greeted him ‘oh yes, we met in 1976 in Cuba’, it’s crazy! », Charly notes.

Unfortunately, “Papa Groove” died of the Covid on March 24, 2020. But it is undoubtedly one of the finest tributes that one could pay him.

After the session – which will last an hour and a half -, it will be possible to discuss with the directors, and a drink will be offered by the municipality of Saint-Calais. “I have so many questions to ask them,” Charly saliva already.

The musical month is reserved every Friday in October. The projectionist lists the films showing:

There will be ‘Sound of Metal’, the life of a metal drummer who goes deaf. ‘Respect’, the biographical film about Aretha Franklin. ‘Buena vista social club’, a 1999 documentary about Cuban musicians who are 90 years old. And ‘Straks Brothers’, a very beautiful documentary in another universe, more pop. Nobody knows who the Starks are, but they are your favorite band’s favorite band.

Charly lambert

Practice: Price at 4 €, as part of the musical month. Friday October 1, 8:30 p.m., Zoom cinema, Place de l’Hotel-de-Ville. Price: € 4. Contact: 02 43 35 48 60.

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