Robert Redford – THE reference biography finally translated into French

We are taking advantage that the Cannes Film Festival is in full swing to tell you about the recent publication by La Trace editions of the reference biography, of actor Robert Redford.

Michael Feeney Callan, Irish novelist and poet, specializes in the biographies of Hollywood stars as he did with Anthony Hopkins or Sean Connery, not forgetting that of his long-time friend Richard Harris, but his business with Robert Redford resembles a bit of a life’s work.

For fifteen years, beginning in the mid-nineties, Callan traveled the United States interviewing over 300 sources for Robert Redford: The Biography (Knopf, 2011).

The book was written with the cooperation of Redford, who traveled to Ireland to work with Callan and gave him access to his diaries, scripts and personal records.

portrait of redford

During his preparation, Callan spent a lot of time with many of Redford’s key aides. Entertainment Weekly selected Robert Redford: The Biography as one of its Top 10 Movie Books of 2011

This Biography is finally translated into French in 2022, with an update which is also a reflection of the author, Michael Ferney Callan, biographer and friend of Robert Redford.

It retraces the entire career and life of the actor of Our most beautiful years and Three days of the condor with a lot of empathy and complicity (the author of the bio and the actor share the same passion for painting).

redford and homie

From his somewhat tormented youth to his militant commitments or his thwarted loves to the tragic disappearance of his son, this extremely dense and complete biography can be read with never-ending fervor…

By retracing his career as an actor, producer and director, the book also offers a journey through time from the 1960s to the present day and a sometimes uncompromising portrayal of Hollywood cinema.

A must have for fans and even those less familiar with the filmography of this Hollywood icon.

The biography is embellished with 3 notebooks of personal and totally unpublished photos, specially loaned by Robert Redford…

Robert Redford, by Michael Feeney Callan, Editions La Trace, 765 p., €22. In bookstores on 05/24/2022.