“People always think I’m a diva” -Diane Dufresne

TADOUSSAC | At 77 and at the twilight of a career that now spans six decades, Diane Dufresne sent the need to tell her story and make herself better known to the public in the show-talk, created during the pandemic, which she presented, Friday, at the Tadoussac Song Festival.

“People always think that I only lived in Paris, even though I’m still a Quebecer. I lived here, me, “she gives as an example, in an interview with Log.

Interpreter of the timeless Hymn to the beauty of the worldthe flamboyant artist who lit up the Olympic Stadium in 1984 with her show magic rosefinds that people sometimes have preconceived ideas about her.

“Catherine Deneuve said that people never imagined her as she is. Me, people always think I’m a diva. But the public knows that I’m not playing a game, that I say pretty much what I think. »


A biographical film currently in the works will certainly make it possible to learn more about her or, at least, to remember her feats of arms.

This is not the first time that we have tried to shoot a film about his life. She had been approached for the first time, several years ago, but she had said no after having read only three pages of the scenario. “I didn’t read it all because it had nothing to do with who I am,” she says.

When the duo formed by producer Christian Larouche and screenwriter Sylvain Guy knocked on her door, she felt that this time was the right one.

She leaves them complete freedom, she says.

“You need a huge amount of trust because it’s your life. They can’t tell your life story in an hour and a half. It’s a digest. This kind of film must make people dream. As Louis Cyr, which was a wonderful film. »

The Lady Gaga of her time

When he confirmed the film project, Christian Larouche said of Diane Dufresne that she was “the Lady Gaga of her time”, a comparison claimed by the main interested party.

“She and Madonna are hot women. Lady Gaga has a lot of talent, she is a good actress. Madonna, when she arrived in the time of AIDS, she talks about sexuality. They are fighters. We are women who dare, who take responsibility. »