Patrick Bruel’s son emailed the production to see him as the actor lived for years between 2 countries for his children

Although Patrick Bruel is a renowned artist, he is above all a father. The singer is the father of two sons, born of his marriage to Amanda Sthers.

If Patrick Bruel is an accomplished man on the professional level, he is also very provided when it comes to his children. Even his divorce from his ex-wife didn’t change that.

On the contrary, in addition to sharing a close bond with the latter, the singer also does everything to be close to his sons, even if it means traveling many times.

And this proof of love is not one-sided, since his children also do their best to be close to their father, as the eldest did, years ago.


Patrick Bruel has undoubtedly met women during his life, but the one who has the most Mark is Amanda Sthers. As a reminder, it was on September 21, 2004 that the two got married. From the first look, the interpreter of “My lover of Saint-Jean” knew that she was the right person.

32nd Cesar ceremony at the Theater du Chatelet in Paris, France, February 24, 2007 – Patrick Bruel and his wife Amanda Sthers. | Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, in his book entitled “Conversation with Claude Askolovitch”, released in 2011, the singer evoked, with delight, what he designated of the writer the first day he laid his eyes on her.

“(…) When I met Amanda in August 2001, I knew it was her. Two days later, I told her that we would have two children (…)”,

he confided.

32nd Cesar ceremony at the Theater du Chatelet in Paris, France, February 24, 2007 – Patrick Bruel and his wife Amanda Sthers. | Photo: Getty Images

It must be said that Patrick Bruel was right at that time. Because alongside Amanda, he has indeed welcomed two children, born in 2003 and 2005. The eldest is called Oscar and the second is named Leon.

“It was so strong… It was the night… This feeling of never having loved before and, immediately, this new fear, that anything could happen. And you know instantly that it “is for life”,

does he remember of the birth of the eldest in his biographical book.

Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers at the 2005 Roland Garros tennis tournament – May 31, 2005 – in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

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There is no doubt that between Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers, it was mad love. However, their story was not made to last.

Indeed, after living together for several years, in addition to sharing two children, the two artists ended their relationship in 2007. No doubt because the director had bad experience in the shadow of her former husband.

She also attributed herself to this in an interview given in the podcast “Pass à table”.

“I started my career very early and then I married a very famous man and suddenly what was very difficult was to change the idea that people showed up about me”,

has she to declare before adding:

“Suddenly, I no longer existed except through that or I was no longer anything more than the ‘wife of’, and I had no qualifications (…) I waited, I said that from a work, it was going to change and that it took time but it is true that it was not always easy”.

However, the author of the book “The suspended coffee” has no regrets about having married the singer. On the contrary, she considers herself lucky to have crossed his path.

This is why, despite their divorce, she preferred to save their relationship, remaining on very good terms with him. Hence their kindness and admiration for each other. After all, they are forever bound by their sons.

“We have an extraordinary relationship, we get along very well (…) It started from a reaction of intelligence, compared to our children”,

had evoked the boys’ mother on TF1.


It must be said that for a divorced couple, Patrick Bruel and Amanda Sthers have a more than ideal relationship. And for good reason ? The two artists owe each other professionally.

In any case, this is what the native of Tlemcen had shown by paying tribute to his ex on social networks, declaring :

“Thank you Amanda for this stay in this unique Naples and this bar where we are both spectators and actors of these stories of crossed destinies and these feelings which bring us back inexorably to our intimate book”.

On top of that, the two artists know well how to raise their children, although the latter live in the shadow of their famous parents.

For those who don’t know, Oscar and Leo actually live in the United States, far from the spotlight. And as the interpreter of “Place des grands hommes” called it, the two young men are very happy there.

However, to see them, Patrick Bruel must spend time traveling by plane, as he said during an interview with “C to you” in 2019.

“For the past two years, I’ve been there for a month every two months. So I was one of Air France’s best customers…”,

he declares.

Moreover, in this interview, the actor related a touching anecdote concerning his eldest son, that the latter had sent mail to his father’s production so they can find him. Note that at that time, the former husband of Amanda Sthers was doing a lot of touring.

“When he saw the tour which was starting to get carried away, he emailed the production company and he said, ‘If you want my dad to see his kids, you’re not going to put any shows between such date and such date'”,

did he designate before adding:

“They totally respected it without telling me.”

Therefore, it can be said that Patrick Bruel and his children love each other very much. And although there is a great distance between them, that does not prevent them from being together.

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