Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +… Which series to discover in October on the platforms?

VIDEO – After a rich comeback in September, the month of October does not have to be ashamed of its offer: drama, family programs and romances on Netflix and Disney +, fright and science fiction – in anticipation of Halloween – on Amazon Prime Video and SyFy.


New unpublished series:

October 1st. All or nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs. Like Netflix and its documentary series Formula 1: Drive to survive, Amazon Prime meets at sports. And is interested, here, in the world of hockey, a sport so popular on the other side of the Atlantic. For the first time, the teams of the video platform followed the players of the Maple Leafs, big club of Toronto. From October 1, subscribers can discover the history of these National League athletes. Successes, failures, the fans …

October 15. Remember last summer . The novel of the same name by Lois Duncan, published in 1973, has already been transposed to the cinema in a film which has become cult. On the evening of their graduation ceremony, a group of teenagers causes a terrible accident. One afterwards, they are targeted by a killer. They will seek to discover his identity. The series is directed by James Wan, to whom we owe Seen, Insidious and Conjuring.

October 29. Maradona: The blessed dream. The Argentinian prodigy who disappeared last year is the directors’ favorite footballer. He is entitled to documentaries, a series on Netflix, and will soon be in a Paolo Sorrentino film. This new biographical (and fictional) series retraces his journey, from the suburbs to the biggest stadiums in the world. His triumphs, his challenges, professional and personal in ten episodes. With, to embody it over the ages, the actors Juan Palomino, Nazareno Casero, Nicolás Goldschmidt.

October 29. Fairfax. The adventures of four young friends from college in the heart of Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, broth of culture and spectacle. This humorous and animated series is intended for an adult audience. Its authors thought of it as a “love letter to the children of this generation”, one who invests in the climate and seeks at all costs to be “cool”. Actress and singer Kiersey Clemons, who starred in the series Existing, will lend its voice in particular.

New seasons:

October 4. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond , season 2.

October 4. Sneaky maid , the complete in 4 seasons.

October 14. Duncanville , season 2.

October 18. Homeland: Fort Salem , season 2.

October 24. Absence , season 3.

October 28. It’s us , season 5.

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New seasons:

October 4. Famous in love , the complete in 2 seasons.

October 11. Valid , season 2.


New unpublished series:

October 8. Northern water . This drama series brings together on the same boat, in the heart of the Arctic, Patrick Summer played by Jack O’Connell (Skins) and Henry Drax performed by Colin Farrell (Real detective). Two unique characters: one is a former army doctor, the other a harpooner and a dangerous psychopath. An icy confrontation.

New seasons:

October 1st. Charm , the complete in 8 seasons.

October 15. Star girl , season 1.

October 26. All American , season 4.


New unpublished series:

October 6. In the stars . This documentary series co-produced by National Geographic offers to discover the NASA space program. With an unprecedented look at the life of astronauts, scientists and space installations.

October 6. Love in the air . A Spanish romantic series particularly linked to the news. Against the backdrop of a pandemic, eight linked stories. Between love, friendship and family, this first season could well soften our memories of the Covid-19.

October 13. Dogs Reservation . Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi (Bunny Jojo) partnered with Disney to create this eight-part series. On a Native American reservation in Oklahoma, four teenagers commit petty crimes in hopes of making enough money to travel to California. All the participants in this project (from actors to screenwriters) are also natives of Indian reserves. A committed approach. Indigenous peoples admitted, in the United States, to a lack of recognition of their past sufferings and current difficulties.

October 13. On the other side . A fantastic series made up of 8 independent episodes. From the world of RL Stine, the author of the children’s book series Hen chair, these stories promise horror but in the spirit of Disney.

New seasons:

October 6. Crazy Love , the entire mini-series.

October 13. L’Orville, seasons 1 and 2.

October 13. Baymax the new heroes , season 3

October 20. The Simpsons , season 32.

October 20. Single parents , seasons 1 and 2.

October 20. The Foster , season 1.

October 27. Beyond the walls , the entire mini-series.

October 27. Chi , season 4.

October 27. FBI: Very special duo , all in 6 seasons.

October 27 american father , season 17


New unpublished series:

October 1st. Housemaid . This adaptation of Stéphanie Land’s autobiographical book, Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive, tells the new beginning of Alex, a single mother. To give her daughter the best possible future, she becomes a housekeeper. An unprecedented series where the leading role is entrusted to Margaret Qualley, daughter of Andie MacDowell and discovered in Once upon a time … in Hollywood. The young actress will also find her mother on the screen, in this series which questions the notion of filiation.

October 9. Blue period . Japanese animation series inspired by a series of eleven manga, of the same name, published by Tsubasa Yamaguchi since 2017. Through the eyes of a bored high school student, Yatora Yaguchi, this visual and poetic program we discover the world of painting. Art becomes the only way for this young man to deliver his emotions. He devotes himself to it body and soul.

New seasons:

October 1st. Seinfeld , the complete in 9 seasons.

October 4. Blacklist , season 7.

October 4. On my block , season finale.

October 8. Family affair , season 3.

October 15. You , season 3.

October 22. Lock & Key , season 2.

October 22. Dynasty , season 4.

October 23. T th Office (United States) , the complete in 9 seasons.

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New season :

October 7. myth , season 2.


New unpublished series:

October 8. Acapulco . In 1984, Maximo Gallardo, a penniless young Mexican got the job of his dreams in the seaside resort, in a luxury hotel on the shores of the Pacific. He pampers wealthy Americans on vacation, serves cocktails and falls under the spell of the boss’s girlfriend. His beliefs and his morals will be severely tested. A colorful series with Enrique Arrizon, seen in April Girls .

October 8. Get started with Otis . A cartoon series that will delight children. On the Long Hill farm, Otis the tractor and his gang experience adventures unleashed on mutual aid and friendship.

October 15. Puppies place . The Peterson family love dogs. Its mission is to receive and help these best friends of man to find a new home. With each episode, a new canine adventure. Family program in perspective.

October 22. Invasion . It all started with an invasion of aliens all over the world: in New York in the United States, Manchester in the United Kingdom, in Morocco in Africa and in Japan in Asia. Five ordinary people scattered at each site of attack, strive to make sense of the events they witness. At the casting, Sam Neil, seen in Blackbird, or the Franco-Iranian Golshifteh Farahani, who played in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and State lies.


New season :

October 8. Hunt down , season 2.

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New seasons:

October 18. Succession , season 3.

October 25. Unsafe , season 5.

October 25. Larry and son navel , season 11.


New unpublished series:

October 6. I lied . Camille Lou, Thierry Neuvic and Marilyn Lima are in the cast of this Franco-Belgian series. Everything works for Audrey, 35, played by Camille Lou. But her past catches up with her when a 17-year-old girl is found murdered in the Biarritz region.


New season :

21st of October. Bite , season 4.


12 october. Chucky . Discovered in horror films of the 90s, Chucky returns in a series produced by SyFy. In this reboot, the killer doll is recovered during a garage sale by a teenager Jake. A series of sordid murders follow in the city. Behind the voice of this murderous toy, Brad Dourif, who voiced Chucky in all 8 horror films.

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