Nelson Monfort comes to sing Jean-Ferrat in Vicq-sur-Breuilh in Haute-Vienne

No no, it’s not a namesake. Yes yes, it is he, the journalist who has commented on sports for 30 years for France Television, in the first row will be figure skating, marked by his friendship with Philippe Candolero.

Among his many talents, we will not answer you because he is a polyglot. You have heard him interview in a multiplicity of languages. And our media colleagues say it again and again. You probably already know that. But hey, for those who might have missed it, let’s say he speaks French, English, German, Italian, Spanish…

Lewis, Bolt, Nadal, Chopin and Ferrat

This earned him to conduct sacred interviews. Out of a match or competition, another of his specialties, who has he not been interviewed? Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Usain Bolt, Nadal or even Bill Clinton at Roland-Garros, etc. Without forgetting all the Olympics of which he is an almost essential figure on the public service channel.

Obviously, some will have already noted his taste for scholarly music with his show on Radio Classique, Nelson’s Melodies. Some of his favorite composers include Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Mendelssohn and Schumann.

Plus, he sings! And he has a passion for Jean-Ferrat. He has designed a recital where he sings and tells about this singer-songwriter, who marked him from his early years. Knowing his repertoire well, he also rubbed shoulders with it. He is also the author of a biography on the man who wrote, composed and sang It’s beautiful life, Night and Fog, Party with friends and so many other memorable titles.

In the video below, Gérard Holtz, crazy about theater, invites Nelson Monfort to sing.

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Nelson Monfort in Vicq-sur-Breuil, Moulin Festival, Moulin de Puymory, Sunday July 3, 5 p.m., €18 to €5, reservations:; mail: All the program of the festival here

Gerard Holtz, actor

Gérard Holtz is a theater fan. I love to do comedy. He notably performed the Imaginary illness of Molière in 2016 in Feytiat in Haute-Vienne.
In his interview given for the occasion, he evoked his first dream of a young man going to Paris. It was to do theatre. He went very often to the Comédie Française.

His interview to find: here

By Muriel Mingau