Mike Brant: biography of the singer of Who will know at tragic death

Founded in the early 1950s, pop is a style of song that enjoyed success for several decades, and during this heyday, Mike Brant’s songs made the rounds on radio stations all over the world. Who will know, released in the early 1970s, was a single that reached number two on the year-end chart in 1972 and sold over one million copies. Mike Brant discovered the paths of glory, thanks to the diffusion of this song, among others, in particular, in France where the singer was based. Who was he and why did Mike Brant settle in France? What were his greatest accomplishments and how did his career come to a tragic end? Find the answers and other information in the rest of our portrait.

Mike Brant in 1974. Photo: Keystone
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Active for less than ten years on stage, the man who had a great passion for the sea committed suicide in 1975 in dramatic circumstances. Mike Brant began his career in 1969, the year in which he now took his stage name after bringing together several influences. The singer’s inspirations allowed him to sing from baritone to tenor, this one was a champion of pop which is the genre where Tina Turner excelled and where Barbara Pravi drew her first influences. After his death, several songs by Mike Brant were taken over by other artists, even outside the musical genre when the singer had disappeared at 28 and had made his specialty.

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Presentation by Mike Brant

Full Name Moshe brand
Stage name mike brant
Gender man
Date of Birth February 1, 1947
Date of death April 25, 1975
Age at death 28 years old
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Place of birth Famagusta, east of Cyprus
Place of death Paris, France
Burial at the Hof Hacarmel cemetery, west of Haifa, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Hair color brown
Eye colour blue
Simple Bronia Rosenberg
Dad fish mark
Professions singer ; composer
Years of activity from 1969 to 1975
Musical genre popular ; varieties
Albums Mike Brant; All the colours
Simple Who will know ; Let me Love You ; That’s how I love you;
Labels SCS; WIP / Polydor records

The biography of Mike Brant: from birth to the first passions of a legend

Son of the relationship that Bronia Rosenberg and Fishel Brand had maintained in an internment camp for Jewish refugees, the future singer was born on February 1, 1947 in Famagusta. It was on the island of Cyprus where Mike Brant took his first breaths into our world, and a few months after his birth, he disembarked with his family to settle in Haifa. The father of the future singer, after having fought Nazism with the Red Army in the mid-1940s, had found a job at the municipality in the Israeli city and the family had lived there modestly for a long period.

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After meeting his parents in a refugee camp, and his birth during the events that led to the end of World War II, the future singer did not speak until late. It was for many years that Mike Brant, according to Universal Music, could not say a word, and considering with children of his age, he had a distance to cover which he was able to catch up later thanks to to the song. At the time, the pop star had already shown interest in singing, and according to the proposals it contains for those close to him, he was so passionate about singing that he was sure to become a star or a tramp.

Portrait of Mike Brant
Mike Brant in 1963. Photo: Apic
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Mike Brant’s Journey: From Beginnings to Realizing His Dreams of Being a Great Singer

On the musical side, the pop star’s debut was as rich as these last stage performances. It is true that Mike Brant’s pop is different from that which has been part of the influences of Patricia Kaas or which can be heard in titles by Nino Ferrer, and this is mainly due to the diversified inspirations of the singer known. After starting to sing at festivals and religious ceremonies at the age of 16, then as an accordion player with his first group the following year, the musician managed to seduce the public, in particular, with his covers of Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin or Frank Sinatra.

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Shortly after this local success, the name of Mike Brant goes beyond the borders of the Hebrew State and arrives, in particular, thanks to a tour, as far as South Africa and the United States. At 22, Mike Brant was in France, however, the singer was not rich enough to move to Paris. Still, he managed to call some old friends, including Sylvie Vartan, a singer he met on his previous tour and who had promised to welcome him to France, where he was, according to the singer, going to have a brilliant future . Between 1970 and 1974, the singer recorded two studio albums, in addition to fourteen singles, several of which were very successful.

The music of Mike Brant: the historic success of his titles that are engraved in the memory

Following his arrival in Paris, the musician succeeded in several collaborations and finally found an agent and producer who took care of gathering a work team around the star. When he started out, it was difficult for someone who didn’t speak French to sing French songs. However, with the help of phonetics, he learns to master the peculiarities of the language of Molière and manages to excel in singing in French. His song titled Let me Love You was appreciated by RTL radio listeners, which was the first to broadcast Mike Brant in France.

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When the 1970s arrived, the singer moved to the 16th arrondissement of Paris where he had decided to live. Mike Brant used the time to write his music, and in October 1970 the song But in the light was released and sold over 100,000 copies. Thanks to this success, the singer became known to a large audience, and he earned more with each invitation to a television show. The pop star quickly came to the center of attention, and listening to his songs, the public wanted to know the origin of Mike Brant as a talented musician.

The Private Life of Mike Brant: The Effect of Various Relationship Failures on the Morality of the Musician

Despite worldwide success, the life of the shooting star, as the singer was named in a documentary released last year on France 3, is not really easy. During his first relationship with Sarah Itzkovitch, Mike Brant was disappointed because his mother didn’t want her sixteen-year-old son to have a relationship with an older girl. Then, after being able to revive, his passionate relationship with Michal Tal had found an end after the singer returned to Israel after his work stay in the United States. Thereafter, and according to the niece of the singer, Yona Brant, it was necessary, for the latter, to choose between his career and his professional life during his relationship with Guita in 1973.

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Mike Brant and company
Mike Brant in 1974. Photo: Laurent Maous
Source: Getty Images

Other causes, like the young man’s difficult childhood and the state of mind he owed from his parents who survived the atrocities of World War II, owed Mike Brant’s depression, and that was apparent on several levels. In addition to the accumulation of failures at the level of personal relationships, the singer was, at times, afraid of his own fans, and in particular, of being assassinated for invading Israel. On the other hand, serious financial and managerial problems with his producer also impacted the morale of the musician who declared to Dalida that he would rather jump out of the window than continue working in such conditions.

The death of Mike Brant: the disappearance that saddened a generation and the burial of the star

The tragedy had raised several questions regarding the truth of the drama. Several voices have been heard through several investigations, including that of the companies by the media, and Mike Brant’s niece is among the people whose statements are most reliable about his death. During the day of the release of one of his new songs, the singer fell from the sixth floor of a building in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The fall was brutal and the pop star died in the ambulance minutes before arriving at the hospital.

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Buried in the Hof Hacarmel cemetery, the tomb of the man who always loved the sea is located in the city of Haifa, not far from the Mediterranean. Several personalities attended Mike Brant’s funeral and his death left a void in the pop field that was difficult to fill afterwards. His fans found it difficult to accept the disappearance of Mike Brant, in particular, in such a brutal way and under such circumstances. It is for several reasons that several shows and other tributes have been paid, in pop, as much as in rap or in cinema, for this artist who marked the history of music in a short period of time. activity.

The facts to know

  1. Mike Brant is a singer known for several pop hits.
  2. The singer was born Moshe Brand in Famagusta to Jewish parents.
  3. Mike Brant began his musical career in 1969.
  4. He moved to France to develop his musical career.
  5. Unfortunately, its success only lasted a few years.
  6. The young singer who died at 28 only released two albums.
  7. Mike Brant killed himself in 1975 in Paris.
  8. Several questions were raised after the tragedy.
  9. These hits enjoyed more success after his death.
  10. Mike Brant remains one of pop’s greatest forever.

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