Literary Parity Insurance Award 2021

The third edition of the Literary Prize of the association of women leaders in the insurance and health sectors rewarded inspiring works on three themes: Professional life, Women’s destinies and Coup de cÅ“ur.

The Parité Assurance literary award ceremony took place on September 22, 2021, bringing together insurance professionals around the authors in a festive setting. The following prizes have been awarded:

  • Professional life category
    • “The genre of capital” by Céline Bessière and Sibylle Gollac, Ed La Découverte. This book analyzes how class society reproduces itself through male appropriation of capital. An in-depth investigation into the calculations, divisions and conflicts that take place at the time of marital separations and inheritances.
  • Women’s destinies category
    • “Gabrielle” by Anne and Claire Berest, Ed Le Livre de Poche. This book takes us to the beginning of the 20th century, by relating the life of Gabriële Buffet, musician and feminist before the hour, whose iconoclastic spirit guided the precursors of abstract art, the futurists, the Dada, at the forefront of artistic advances.
    • “The horizon has loosened its belt for her” by Rebecca Benhamou, Ed Fayard. A literary biographical story dedicated to Chana Orloff, forgotten star of modern art. From Paris to Tel Aviv via Odessa, the author follows in her footsteps and tells about the woman even more than the artist.
  • Favorite category
    • “Women in full confusion” by Brigitte Molkhou, Ed L’Harmattan. A collection of short stories recounting slices of the life of women in complete confusion, when emotions jostle, at the limit of consciousness. The author is a senior executive at CNP Assurances, and passionate about theater, which she has practiced from a young age.
    • “The Schubert Dressing” by Claire Oppert, Ed Denoël. The author, cellist and music therapist, tells the story of her experience with people at the end of life and autistic people, so that she can play her instrument. Recognized and caused by the scientific world, its medical protocol, the Schubert Dressing, relieves pain and anxiety in patients.

During the evening, Claire Oppert returned the testimony of these unique moments to the bedside of patients. And she made her cello sing, giving a private concert to the delight of the guests.

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