John Lydon doesn’t enjoy his days with the Sex Pistols

John Lydon’s musical career, known to punk fans under the pseudonym Johnny Rotten, will forever be linked to the history of the Sex Pistols, a British group which after their huge success in the late 1970s, is still a benchmark. living spirit. of the anarchy and the youthful rebellion of the time.

However, despite the big mark that Sex Pistols still retains in the music industry, Lydon reflected in a recent interview on his time with the band, describing it as “mostly hell on earth.” assuring that his “Small sentimental pop songs” were responsible for his notoriety.

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“I didn’t know there was so much fame. I was mostly in hell on earth, ”Lydon said in a column published in Sixty Seconds (via NME) which covered the first season of the Sex Pistols’ performances between 1975 and 1978.

There was constant pressure. But I was able to write the songs I wanted to write. I showed these words to Joe Public and he was very kind and appreciated.

John Lydon assures us that the media and the police at the time did not take the songs he wrote well. “And I was discussed in the Houses of Parliament under the act of treason. And then you laugh, but it brought the death penalty. By words! “.

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Lydon assures us that at this time, certain sentimental little pop songs like “Anarchy In The UK” could cause the death of the person responsible for writing and singing them. An assertion that would seem a real exaggeration were it not for the severe “patriotic” that the British government exercised on its citizens at that time, who did not differ much from the current socio-political panorama.

After facing court against his fellow Sex Pistols for using the band’s music in the biopic series directed by Danny Boyle, John Lydon said he was currently in a state of “financial ruin”.

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