Jackie Kennedy: this famous actress represented by John Kennedy before their marriage

While she should have declared her 93 years on July 28, Jackie was not the only woman in John Kennedy’s life. A true ladies’ man, the former President of the United States notably lived a story with an icon of American cinema.

John F. Kennedy was a ladies’ man. It was no secret to anyone, not even to his wife Jackie Kennedy, who would have had his ninety-third birthday on July 28. Of Marlene Dietrich a Jayne Mansfieldpassing by Marilyn Monroe, who will soon be entitled to her biopic on Netflix, the former president of the United States had a real weakness for actresses. In his book jackie and leedevoted to the trajectories of the American first lady and her sister, Stéphanie des Horts returned to the little-known idyll that maintained John Kennedy with another big Hollywood star.

John comes out of a short affair with Audrey Hepburn, reported to the authority. If the relationship between the president assassinated in 1963 and the actress lasts only a few months, the passion is there. “He misses his finesse, his evanescence. Woman-cat, woman-child, ah! John Kennedy is nostalgic !” It was in the early 1950s that the two lovebirds met. At that time, the unforgettable interpreter of Holly Golightly in Diamonds on Couch just won an Oscar for her role in roman holidays.

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Another side of Audrey Hepburn

An affair which has been corroborated by Christopher Andersen, author of the biography of the presidential couple, Jack and Jackie: Portrait of an American Weddinge. The writer notably questioned John Kennedy’s secretary. “I remember Audrey Hepburn, the whole office was impressed when she walked in. She was as graceful as a swan“, reported Mary Gallagher. According to the biographer,Audrey had this intoxicating laugh – pretty much as seen on screen – but she also had this very sexy and very naughty side that the public has never seen“. If he succumbs to the magnetic aura of the British actress, the American president finally decides to unite with a young photographer from a good family. A certain Jacqueline Bouvier, said Jackie.

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