In the musical universe of Simon Boulerice

The author and columnist Simon Boulerice, in addition to having published some sixty books, has over the years become a major radio and television personality.

Image: Sébastien Dorion (after a photograph by Camille Gladu-Drouin)

Within the framework of International Literature Festival (FIL), he is the “conductor” of the literary workshops for children Speaking words presented on September 26.

Who better than a conductor to tell us about his musical favorites?

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You wrote about sixty books. Do you have time to listen to music?

OUI bien sur. For a long time I listened to music while writing. Now I listen to music in a less atmospheric and more conscious way. For example, Martha wainwright, son last album, when I listen to it, I do not do anything else chosen.

Exactly, what are the albums that you can listen to from cover to cover?

The clever of Marie-Jo Therio. It is a pure masterpiece. I also think of albums byAriane Moffatt. I like female performers. The same time, Child A and Amnesiac of Radiohead are albums that I have listened to extensively.

When you did your theater studies, did you start singing lessons?

Yes. When I was young, I sang in a choir. I often had solo moments. It was my favorite moments. Then I began to melt in the heart of a solo in the church! My voice was wobbly. I often joke that I lost my faith when I lost my voice. (Laughs)

You really like vocal singers …

For me, Whitney houston, it is a bit the apotheosis of the vocal singer. When you have a beautiful voice, the magic happens right away. It is faster than writing which requires so many versions, so much laboratory before moving.

Is there a vocalist who is not recognized for her true worth?

Salome Leclerc, in his voice, there is a slightly rocky grain, like a little sand on his vocal cords. Just like the voice of Melissa Etheridge. As Bonnie tyler at another time. She had to spray net on the vocal cords. (Laughs)

You have an uninhibited love of pop. Have you ever been embarrassed to listen to certain things?

In high school in the 90s, people listened a lot Nirvana, Green day. I was listening Lara Fabien, Celine Dion. I speak of Lara Fabian openly.

When I arrived at CEGEP, I knew Nina simone and Renaud. I was a little more embarrassed to talk about Lara Fabian. I was also saying to myself: “Can I say that I am listening Isabelle Boulay when all my friends are only listening Brel? ” Isabelle Boulay’s voice, I find it exceptional. Marie carmen too.

Did you have singer posters in your room?

I had Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian. My mom had made a pillowcase, so I was literally drooling over Lara’s face! (Laughs)

Have you ever been a member of Lara Fabian’s fan club?

Yes. In high school I had seen her performing and I was blown away by her talent. Also, it was a star who was more accessible. I really like Whitney Houston, Mariah carey… but even Celine Dion, I felt like it was more exterior.

Who do you think is the best lyricist or the best lyricist?

When I was in CEGEP, I thought it was Brel. After i discovered Anne Sylvestre and its abundant, generous, poetic texts … Stephanie Boulay also with the song Your daughter, I find it exceptional.

For a long time, we did not give pride of place to songwriters. Except pour Francine Raymond. And with good reason. Francine Raymond has written some of the most beautiful songs in Quebec music, but there are still so many others. As Ariane Moffatt. Also, the songs of Daniel Belanger have for me the same value as those ofAznavour.

What’s your favorite soundtrack?

The bodyguard. We immediately think of I will Always Love You, which is a wonderful song by Dolly parton. I love Dolly Parton. All the songs on the A side are wonderful. Run towards you, it’s a great song. I have nothing. The B side is a bit more flattering.

I really like ambient soundtracks. Goodbye lenin of Yann Tiersen for example. I see a kinship with someone like Philippe Glass. Besides, Hours, the album that I listened to the most. Otherwise there would be Danny Elfman with Edward in the Silver Hands.

You mentioned Dolly Parton, do you like other country performers?

Bonnie raitt, I really like his song I can’t make you love me. There is also a country song that upsets me that I got to know thanks to an audition by The voice: (singing) “I know you love it a long time ago .. Don’t close your eyes …” (Editor’s note: this is a Keith whitley).

Do you read musical biographies?

Yes, I had a column at The more the merrier, the more we read who was called Bio pop. I read a lot: Vanessa Paradis, Laurence Jalbert

Beyonce, it’s not an artist that fascinates me that much and by reading her biography I understood why. Because this kind of somewhat perfect athletic course, it touches me less. I like the simplicity of a Rihanna next to Beyoncé.

What touches me is imperfection. Marie-Jo Thério is full of imperfections. I have often seen her in a show and she had had a blank. As well as Clemence Desrochers, who is one of my idols.

I think of Martha Wainwright. She had written a song on a paper plate at the restaurant before a performance. And she had sung it at the Théâtre Outremont with her plate. Beyoncé would never have done that!

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