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– written by jaiinathe 04/13/2022

Our opinion : 9.5/ten – A work that encourages reflection, served by a neat drawing, alternating realism and dreamlike (Write your review)

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A punchy comic from the life of the author of Gomorrah, which also offers a reflection on human nature and the meaning of life. Successful in substance and form!

Roberto Saviano has been living under protection since 2006 and the publication of his book denouncing the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia.

In “I’m still alive“, he describes his life or rather his “non-life” where all normal activity, social life, etc. are practically forbidden to him. He gives us the story of his heartbreaking loneliness when he thinks of simple things, his impossibility of having a family or couple life or his despair at making his loved ones suffer this later because he is “still alive”.

His reflection also focuses on the way others look at him: some are jealous of him when others reproach him for his (rare) trips, outings, etc. Interesting criticism of the “haters” so frequent on social networks.

The work is autobiographical but not linear. The reader is as if invited to participate in a conversation between the screenwriter and the cartoonist where they will evoke certain slices of his life, anecdotes, where we discover parts of his youth, of his family. These moments are interspersed with poignant passages where he explains the various real or likely assassination attempts against him.


We discover Roberto Saviano by small touches and he will thus indulge in all the complexity of his soul.

Asaf Hanuka’s design fully responds to Saviano’s philosophy: a lot of dreamlike, play on colors. He uses gray and dark to evoke his current life and warmer colors when Roberto recalls his youth.

Asaf Hanuka brilliantly alternates realistic drawings and metaphors (gorilla in a cage, tears transformed into an ocean). Magnificent work.

In short, “I’m still alive” is a very accomplished work, poignant in its narrative, interesting in the reflections on the meaning of life and technically very well done.