Igor Stravinsky, how do you hear it? An Archive from 1983 (Part 1) (R)

“Who is Igor Stravinsky? How is such a diverse work in the creation of a single man possible? That was the question I was asking myself while writing this book, and I think it could not be asked earlier…”

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25 minutes


28 minutes

59 minutes

Musical programming

Claudio Monteverdi
Vespro della to beat vergina: Deus in adjutorium
Lausanne Vocal Ensemble
Instrumental Ensemble of Lausanne, dir. Michel Corboz

Igor Stravinsky
sacred song
Richard Robinson, tenor
Howard Chitjian baritone
Los Angeles Festival Chorus
Los Angeles Festival Symphony Orchestra, dir. Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky
Symphony of wind instruments
New York Philharmonic Orchestra, dir. Pierre Boulez