“I had a refusal to inherit”

INTERVIEWS – Used to biographical essays, the author ventures into the family investigation with his novel The Children of Cadillac. A genre in vogue.

François Noudelmann is a philosopher, professor at New York University and at Paris VIII University. Author of numerous essays, he published his first novel with The Children of Cadillac. A dive into its family history, made up of noises and silences.

LE FIGARO. – Why did you choose to talk about your grandfather and your father, you who have so far chosen subjects far from your family?

François NOUDELMANN. – I had topics related to genealogy, but in a theoretical way. Often, when you write abstract books, you hide behind great concepts. I said to myself “put off the masks! And I jumped into the water. I start from my own story, and from a paradox: my father and my grandfather did not want to transmit anything. I acquired from the refusal to inherit. It is a paradox that I wanted to tackle through the history of my family, first with Chaïm, my grandfather, second-hand dealer, Jew, Russian, fleeing the pogroms, who joined France because it was the pay

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