huge moment of embarrassment on the set of “The Voice All Stars”

Jenifer is a singer who needs no introduction. Popular since its revelation in the Star academy, it has made a place of choice in the hearts of the French for more than 20 years. At the start of her musical career, she was in a relationship with Pascal Obispo and this had caused a lot of ink to flow. Indeed, he was his senior by over 17 years. The press will go so far as to describe this relationship as chaotic. Jenifer was just emerging from a six-year relationship with the father of her first child. She then dated the singer for a year but that would be enough to create strong tensions, still palpable.

Objeko can only affirm after reading a magazine article Public who takes the time to quote an extract from the biography of Pascal Obispo by Lomig Guillo. It will then be easy to understand why Jenifer stayed behind when her ex intervened in The voice. We tell you everything!

Jenifer facing Pascal Obispo, a meeting she would have gone well

Jenifer has always strived to free herself from labels. Indeed, if it were revealed by the Star academy, it was not a product of TF1 strictly speaking. She was young and took this opportunity to make herself known. Also, remember that this was the first season of the show and that the public did not know what to expect when we spoke of “reality TV”. Still, the program did not offer the public to observe the slightest deeds and gestures of the candidates. Each week, bonuses were eliminatory. And the candidates, Jenifer included, had access to all kinds of courses to improve their skills. The singer then followed singing, theater, music lessons and she repeated to deprive herself of sleep to be the best.

Today, she is an icon of French song. And she continues to struggle to ensure that her sincerity prevails in her albums. A sincerity dear to the hearts of his fans who adore the artist as much as his work.

Since 2012, she has been one of the essential figures of The voice. She will stay first for four seasons, until 2015, then return for season 8, also passing through The voice of children. It was therefore important for her certainly, as for her fans, that Jenifer was part of the jury of The voice all the stars, a very important anniversary edition. In the program, many talents but also many stars intervene. And Pascal Obispo was therefore one of these stars. Or, Objeko could bet that if Jenifer had had the choice, she wouldn’t have wanted to see him again let alone in front of millions of viewers.

Indeed, they dated for a short time but it was very trying for both of them. Jenifer apparently had to choose between himself and his team and the singer was no match for it. Like our colleagues from Public remind, one of the biographies of Pascal Obispo speaks of this brutal rupture between Jenifer and the singer.

An explicit narrative

“Very in love with the young singer, Pascal wants to get involved in everything. He doesn’t just give his opinion, but as a pygmalion, he directs, orders, imposes, and gradually gets angry with Jenifer’s team. The arguments are as numerous as they are animated, to the point that the troop which accompanies Jenifer on tour gives him an ultimatum: it is him or them… relation. And will say later to whoever wants to hear it that if she left it is because Pascal was suffocating her. ” can we read from the pen of Lomig Guillo.

So, no wonder the singer kept her distance. Indeed, one of the blind auditions was that of a group of three artists. Xam Hurricane, Michaël Bucquet and Mathis Gardel form the “Neo” group and they are selected by Zazie to join his team. Or, their training is not due to chance but to Pascal Obispo. Nikos Aliagas therefore launched a video phone call with the singer, certainly making Jenifer uncomfortable. Of the five coaches, she was the only one who did not leave her chair to discuss with him. Jenifer’s fans can at least reassure themselves that he was not physically present. Otherwise, Objeko wonders how she could have handled her emotion.

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