Germany is scared, but revives against Portugal at the Allianz!

Dominant and led from the first quarter of an hour of play, Germany managed to revive and especially to reverse the trend by winning at the Allianz Arena (4-2) in a thunderous match.

Germany – Portugal (c) Rights Reserved

Defeated on the first day in its stadium against France (0-1), the national Mannschaft had to revive against Portugal to avoid a potential elimination from the group stage. An affair which was not easy for the Germans who were scared, despite a successful start to the game with two shots on target to try to worry Rui Patricio.

However, in a counter, the Germans are caught up in speed by the inevitable Cristiano Ronaldo who launches the counter-attack by Diogo Jota who perfectly serves the top scorer in the history of the European Championship who opens the scoring (0 – 1.15e) on Portugal’s first opportunity and gives a virtual qualification for the round of 16.

Without trying too hard to push towards a second goal, the reigning champion was first of all caught up in the score following a collective play by the Germans ended by a CSC from Ruben Dias (1-1.35e) which allows the national Mannschaft to pick up the score. On the fire of great domination, the Germans push and manage to take the lead before the break, following another CSC, this time from the Portuguese side Raphael Guerreiro (1-2.39e).

Back from the locker room, it was Germany who took control of the match, pressing the Portuguese defense from the start of the second half and was rewarded with a strike from Chelsea striker Kai Havertz (1- 3.51e) which immerses the Portuguese in reality and positions itself as a winner. Always on the momentum, the players of Joakim Low do not stop, continue to push in front of his audience present in the stands, a febrile Portuguese team defensively and manage to drive the point home thanks to his side Gosen (1-4).

Although Portugal managed to reduce the score by Diogo Jota (2-4), it was Germany which made the big blow and still remains alive in this European Championship.

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