Dinard: for Laurent Garnier, the British have “fantastic actors” – Dinard British Film Festival 2021, spectacular!

In the section “Dinard Rocks the Kasbah”, the biographical documentary “Laurent Garnier: Off the Record” was offered this Friday to festival-goers. Is it a hit movie?

“He hasn’t come out yet!” We finished mounting it at the start of containment. We have done a lot of festivals, but what interests me is meeting the people who follow me, who helped us finance this film, since the project was made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on the site. Kickstarter, which accounted for two-thirds of the film’s funding. I like the terrain. This is especially what drives me! But a television broadcast is scheduled for this fall ”.

Is your film stamped French or British?

“Ah! It is complicated. The producer is French, but he has a production company in England and knows the festival organizers well. However, the movie is set a lot in Manchester, London, so it kinda makes sense that we’re there. “

Laurent Garnier, the French pioneer of electro, made the crowds dance around the world. (Patrick Chevalier)

How do you see British cinema?

“I am married to an Englishwoman and British cinema, we still consume a lot of it. I think they have fantastic actors, even in small series. It’s a rock’and roll cinema, but without frills where you feel more in real life than in French cinema ”.

I always dance when I make others dance. If I can’t get myself to dance, it’s not a good sign.

Tell us about your music and perhaps cinema projects?

“There is another film, a fiction, which has been in the hits for a very long time. But Julien Loeffler, the producer, preferred to release the documentary first. And if that works, that should help make the feature film. Otherwise, I just finished an album with a French rock band: the Limiñanas. I made the music for a film “Between Life and Death” which will be released next year, and I’m also working on a new album “

Do you prefer to dance or make others dance?

“I always dance when I make others dance. I like the reactions! But if I can’t get myself to dance, that’s not a good sign. “

Laurent Garnier, the French pioneer of electro for more than thirty years, made the crowds dance all over the world.
Laurent Garnier, the French pioneer of electro. (Patrick Chevalier)

What’s the best song to start a set?

” I have no idea ! And I think if he was good on Monday night, he would be very bad on Tuesday night. Because a set is made when you start with regard to the light, the heat, the time, the mood… There is no such thing as a perfect piece! “

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