Désirée divorced from the father of her daughter: she has found love again!

Desireless will be on stage tonight on the show 300 choirs sing one day hits broadcast on France 3 to revisit iconic songs such as “The midnight demons”, “Born to be alive” or “Porqué you go”. Many songs from the 80s, a glorious period for the 62-year-old singer, who made many French people dance to her music like Travel Travel and John.

But in parallel with her life as a star, Desireless, whose real name is Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop, is also the mother of a daughter born from her former relationship with a man named François. Since then, according to the latest news, she is in a relationship with a certain Thierry. “We live together and it’s great (…) he likes what I do, which is to say my music.” she said about him in June 2011 in an interview with the magazine Paris here.


The following year, the actress Stars 80 decide to say a little more France Sunday.I rediscovered this pleasure and this taste for love with Thierry, a former printer in Nice and originally from Corsica. We are completedsilent, let us look together in the same direction, sharing the joys of life” she addressed herself.

“He does not hesitate to tell me his way of seeing things. He likes my music, but I hope that it is especially me who interests him!” she added, when asked about her musical projects. She also said at the time that she moved outside the capital in 1995 to “flee the world of show business”. “JI couldn’t take any more of all this stress that we impose this environment” she explained.

But news of Desireless is rather rare. In 2018, she published on her YouTube channel a documentary titled another space, recounting his career from 2013 to 2017 through interviews with relatives and images of his daily life. She has also incorporated herself into writing since she has already published two autobiographical books as well as a meditation and relaxation manual.