Death of the author and publisher Henri Mitterrand

The author and publisher, Henri mitterrand died on October 8, in Paris, at the age of 93. A specialist of Emile Zola, the Burgundian studied literature at the Ecole normale supérieure in rue d’Ulm and in 1951 obtained the grammar aggregation. On the advice of the grammarian and lexicographer Robert-Leon Wagner, he starts working on the series The Rougons Macquart. The fresco twenty novels that range from The Fortune of the Rougons (1871) to Doctor Pascal (1893).

From 1960, he edited the collection of Rougon Macquart in the Pléiade Library, in five volumes. He then produced various biographies around the writer of the 19e century, such as the biography in three volumes published between 1999 and 2002 by Fayard: Volume 1, Under the gaze of Olympia; Volume 2, The Man by Germinal 1871-1893 and Volume 3, Honor (1893-1902). For this corpus, he received the Biography Prize from the Académie française in 2003.

In 2016, he wrote in particular Paul Cézanne – Émile Zola-Lettres croisés 1858-1887 (Gallimard). Their correspondence, 115 letters first published separately, is collected for the first time in this work. Recently, in April 2021, Imago published Zola: the death of the father where Henri Mitterand examines and tracks down the figure of the father in the history and the work of the author. He also founded two research centers on Zola and Naturalism, that of the University of Toronto and that of the CNRS (Institut des Manuscrits Modernes) in 1975.

Professor emeritus at the Sorbonne Nouvelle and Columbia University, Henri Mitterand is also a historian of French literature of the 19th century.e and XXe centuries. In connection with his field of study, he publishes a gender analysis in The novel at work: genesis, motives and values (UPF, 1998). Henri Mitterrand also directs Christian baylon on Sociolinguistics: society, language and discourse (UPF, 2002).

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