Daphné B., François Garde, Claudio Morandini, Valérie Tong Cuong… the brief reviews of the “World of books”

Roman. “The Dog”, by Akiz

No one really knows who he is. His friend Mo simply calls him the Dog. It is said that he is an orphan, that he comes from Kosovo and that he spent his childhood locked up somewhere with, for only connection in the world, the miserable food that we want him. Taciturn with autistic tendencies, he has developed a rare gift, if not unique: he has perfect taste buds like others have perfect pitch. Thus begins the story of Achim Bornhak, says Akiz, a German author, born in 1969, who was until then known as a director and screenwriter. Akiz imagines that his Dog can tell by taste whether the potatoes were grown near a road, whether the meat came from a painlessly slaughtered animal or not, or whether the meal was prepared by a human or a woman … Hired in a great restaurant by a touchy and unpredictable chef who cut his teeth at Bocuse, he soon amazes everyone with his talent and his culinary wonders, turning the world of haute cuisine upside down. ‘to the final apotheosis in the form of bacchanalia. A tasty story, very visual and suggestive which, although classic in style, ventures where eroticism and sensuality mingle. P. Ds

“Le Chien” (Der Hund), by Akiz, translated from German by Brice Germain, Flammarion, 256 p., € 20., Digital € 14.

Trial. “Made up. Essay on the world and its make-up ”, by Daphné B.

Daphné B. is a Quebec poet and translator who regularly “Lose a day of [s]a life to be fantasized about on a makeup palette ”. Intrigued by her own interest in the content posted on social networks by influencers and beauty influencers, Daphné B. delivers an essay as intimate as it is intellectually opulent. Fascinated by her subject, the author combines her bookish erudition with an analysis of the world of beauty. Of “Stripping of the merchandise” practiced by “Beauty gurus” to the unmistakable selfies that saturate our representations, she dissects with finesse and relevance contemporary communication strategies.

While the anti-capitalist and feminist Daphne B. is astonished at her own unbridled consumption of content and products, capitalism turns out to be a “Formidable machine of emotions”. As for the advice that “Beauty gurus” delivering on YouTube, they soothe the most impenetrable anxieties: “These tips reassure me when my throat tightens; these are words that I want to lean on. “ As agile with her pen as with her make-up brushes, Daphné B. adorns her reflections with superb writing, as lucid as it is sensitive – a make-up that is nothing superficial either. So. To be.

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