Celine Dion doubts a documentary project on her destiny as an artist

The American director Irène Taylor Brodsky, a specialist in films with a biographical vocation, wants to offer a “definitive” look in agreement with her, on the career of the Quebec diva.

In 1981, his legend was already beginning to be written. Celine Dion, thirteen-year-old prodigy performer, sang It was only a dream. It was the start of a huge career that would see her sell over a hundred million records worldwide. Today, forty years later, this incredible star fate will be told in a biographical documentary directed by the American Irene Taylor Brodsky. This beautiful project, which should delight fans of the singer, has been dubbed by the diva in person and will be funded by Sony Music.

Announced a few weeks before the release of the biopic A line by Valérie Lemercier, – and with Valérie Lemercier in the role of the famous Canadian singer -, this documentary aims to offer “an indisputable and definitive visionOf his fate as an artist. Celine Dion is behind this company which she presented with undisguised joy on social networks and in particular via her Instagram account: “ At the start of the production of my official documentary. I look forward to working closely with Irene Taylor and Sony Music on this dearest project.

Celine Dion opens her archives

In another press release, Celine Dion specified in what spirit she wanted this historic documentary to be made: “I’ve always been an open book with my fans, and with her sensitivity and thoughtful creativity, I think Irene will be able to show everyone a part of me that they haven’t seen before… I know that she tells my story in the most honest and authentic way possible.

The Quebec singer has also promised that she will open all the archives of her beginnings, of her love affair with her impresario René Angélil, and of course of her most astonishing triumphs in Europe and the United States. The announcement of Irene Taylor Brodsky’s documentary comes as Celine Dion is set to make her comeback on stage in the coming months. In November, she will return to the stage at Resorts World in Las Vegas. A moment eagerly awaited by his many fans, who know that the fate of their idol “was not just a dream“.

Celine Dion It was only a dream in 1981, his first success

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