Book fever is fast approaching in Dieppe

With 59 exhibitors, 61 invited authors who will offer more than 60 events, the Dieppe Book Fair, from October 21 to 24, which will be held mainly in person, promises to be rich in literary discoveries.

For the second year in a row, the Dieppe Book Fair will present most of its activities at the Dieppe Arts and Culture Center (CACD), while offering online distribution. As in 2020, an exhibition and sale of books will take place at the CACD.

Several conferences, literary meetings, interviews, round tables, youth activities as well as a virtual tour of the authors in the schools on the menu of the 31st Dieppe Book Fair.

“From October 21 to 24, we will be here, present in person for activities and the sale of books. For people who are a little less comfortable with moving around, we also have a partnership with The Harvest of Home for the online sale of a selection of books with curbside pick-up, ”said Liette Paulin. LeBlanc during the unveiling of the program at a virtual press conference.

Among the invited authors, we find, among others, Francine Ruel, Françoise Enguehard, Patrick Hardy, Tristan Malavoy, Édith Bourget, Roland Bestier, Florian Olsen, Isabelle Cormier, Caroline St-Louis, Marjorie Pedneault, Micheline Savoie and Carl Philippe Gionet who will take part in the event. Invited to the Salon, Patsy Gallant will present a show on October 23 at the Barracks, in addition to participating in a panel discussion and a big interview around her biography My life in technicolor.

Once again, the organizers wanted to give a special theme to their literary meetings in different places in the region, such as at the Monument-Lefeb in Memramcook where there will be a cause with Nicole Fournier. In terms of novelties, literary talks in cafes in Moncton, Dieppe, Shediac and Memramcook every morning of the show. Florian Olsen and Francine Ruel are among the authors who will participate in these morning literary talks. In addition to the school tour which takes place virtually from October 18 to 22, we also hope to be able to present youth activities in public libraries in the region. Following the new sanitary restrictions, the show’s management is hearing more about the rules for youth entertainment for 12-year-olds.

The Salon will also be an opportunity to talk about the 25 years of Bouton d’or Acadie through a breakfast show on Saturday morning. Several subjects will be dealt with during the numerous round tables, including one on the hidden face of books with three publishers from Acadia, on suspense novels and on the writing of biographies. Two literary evenings are scheduled. Authors like Mo Bolduc, Djennie Laguerre, Félix Perkins, Mario Thériault and Amber O’Reilly participate in one or other of these evenings.

Three events presented only online on the program, a virtual reading evening with Gabriel Robichaud, Amber O’Reilly, Céleste Godin and Yao, a round table on linguistic insecurity and a meeting between Jacques Savoie and Justin Guitard.

In addition to the show in Dieppe, the event will move to the Sainte-Anne Community Center in Fredericton where a series of activities and a book exhibition will be offered on October 22 and 23.

Most of the activities that take place at the CACD are also broadcast on the show’s digital platforms. The director recalled that all health rules will be respected, including vaccination passport and wearing a mask.

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