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BIGFLO and OLI. Three years after their last album, “La vie de rêve” and their media break, rappers Bigflo and Oli are back with “Les autres, c’est nous”, and a concert at the AccorArena in Paris.

[Mis à jour le 23 juin 2022 à 10h11] The others are us. Three years after the release of The dream life, their latest album and a two-year media break, the Bigflo brothers and Oli are releasing a new album this Friday, June 24. A return expected after two long years of media break, during which the brothers took the time to digest their success. Guests of the morning of France Inter, this Wednesday, June 22, Bigflo and Oli returned to this complicated period to manage.

“A success like that is difficult to live with in certain aspects. Oli and I are different in a lot of things, the relationship with the public, the relationship with the public image. Oli is someone who likes to go see people a lot, who likes to meet a lot. Me, I’m more reserved, I’m more shy. I get tired a little faster. We had to balance the forces, “says Bigflo.

“We needed to become authors again and focus only on writing,” adds Oli at the same microphone. This fourth album, called The others are us, therefore marks their return to the front of the stage, they who will perform the same day, Friday June 24, on the stage of the AccorArena, in front of 20,000 people. Bigflo and Oli remembered with an authentic album, in which slipped some references and confidences…

In the song good students, the two brothers evoke their narcissism, their desire for fame or even their faults. “This break was really an update for us, in our relationship as brothers, but also in the image of an artist and of ourselves (…) and what better than to do it in a title? We unpacked everything in this one”, explains Bigflo to Léa Salamé. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’m an example for the generation, but I love the casino and sex”, rap the brothers in this famous song.

For the music video good students, Bigflo and Oli called on McSolaar, “a legend”, according to them. And this is not the first rapper to have had a wink in the album of the two rappers. Vald also appears on the disc as a feature, just like the song Booba, homage to the Duke of Boulogne. “Sometimes, I think we want to be Booba too, that’s what we wanted to say,” said Bigflo on France Inter.

Bigflo and Oli in concert in Paris

On April 5, the brothers confirmed their return to the front of the stage with the single hell of a mess, but also a release date for their new album and a concert date in Paris. A return that is becoming clearer since the duo now announces the release date of their next album, as well as a concert date in Paris. Appointment on Friday, June 24, 2022 for the release of the record, and the same evening at the AccorArena in Paris!

The Ticketing for this event date is still available in all the usual points of sale such as La Fnac or Seetickets. There are places left! “So excited,” concludes Florian and Olivio in the caption of a video where we discover them seated on the roof of the AccorArena in Paris.

Biflo and Oli unveil the single hell of a mess

After agitating their admirers in Toulouse or Paris, the Bigflo brothers and Oli had confirmed their return with the single hell of a mess, released this Tuesday, April 5, 2022, accompanied by its clip. In the video, we find the famous transparent glass cube in which the two artists had locked themselves, in Paris, place de la République or in Toulouse, place du Capitole, stirring up rumors in recent weeks around their comeback on the front of the stage.

“That’s it, we’re back la familia. This break really did us good, we’ll tell you everything soon. We wanted to come back with a song that’s strong in meaning and important to us, rather than with a light song and more ‘expected’ we hope not to have been mistaken”, write Florian and Olivio Ordonez, 29 and 25 years old in the caption of the YouTube video which accompanies this resolutely political song. It evokes immigration, the love of France, but also police violence and living together.

In the clip, which perfectly illustrates the proposals of this piece, the transparent cube, transported to Paris, Toulouse, Lauzerte or the Pyrenees, was therefore effectively the star of the video, as the fans of the duo had already supposed. “This clip was really a titanic hassle to set up, we didn’t even expect it to be so complicated. A big congratulations to the technical teams who worked hard for 1 week to transport this damn cube everywhere,” the duo explain. The single hell of a mess is the first preview of an album, “soon ready”, according to Bigflo and Oli, who retired from the scene in 2020. According to information from Parisian, this new disc should be released this summer.