A documentary about his life will be released soon!

Just thirteen years old, Celine Dion makes his first appearance on the Montreal talk show Michel jasmin on the TVA network in 1981.
From the moment the teenager sings It was only a dream, Quebecers are conquered forever. Forty years later, her fate as a star will be told in a biographical documentary directed by the American Irene Taylor Brodsky.
An American filmmaker known for her documentaries which “Dive into the human experience”. Her work is recognized in the community and she notably won a Peabody Award for his first film, Listen and now, as well as the Public Prize 2007 at Sundance Film Festival. She was also appointed to Oscars in 2009 for The last inch, a documentary about the extinction of polio.
The documentary was dubbed by the singer herself and will be funded by Sony Music. “At the start of the production of my official documentary. I look forward to working closely with Irène Taylor and Sony Music on this project which is dear to me. ” writing Celine Dion on its networks. In another statement, the singer clarified in what spirit she wanted this historic documentary to be made: “I’ve always been an open book with my fans, and with her sensitivity and thoughtful creativity, I think Irene will be able to show everyone a part of me that they haven’t seen before… I know she will tell my story in the most honest and authentic way. ”
While waiting for a precise date of this documentary, a biopic on the life of the singer, entitled A line, will be released on November 11 with Valérie Lemercier in the role of Céline.

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