A canadian autodafe: censorship has a clear conscience

By Toutatis, by Belinos, by Jupiter, by Apollo, by Beelzebub, by Allah… for example. Anthology lines in Astérix le Gaulois. Out of pity we have just removed from the shelves of Canadian public libraries the albums of the man who shoots faster than his shadow without blowing bubbles in a world called by the Afghan crisis. From now on, he will no longer chew chew in cozy rooms. He will now be a poor lonely cowboy far from home riding Jolly Jumper. As for the Gaul, he will no longer travel across the Atlantic. The old world is enough for him.

Through Mohsen Redissi *

Obscurantism has little religion, it is often the preacher of freedom of thought. Canadian schools have destroyed nearly 5,000 books deemed irreverent by America to indigenous populations, 155 references in total. Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke… The comics of pale faces from Europe, those which furnished our long days of heatwave, attack the dignity of the First Nations. The Canadians the accusers of sowing discord between the natives and the rest of the population and of conveying only stereotypes and false prejudices about native Canadians. Everything indicates that René Goscinny’s humor raises the eyebrows of Canadians. Asterix is thrown at the stake. Uh !!!

Light the fire!

The story was revealed on September 6 by the public channel Radio-Canada. It all started in 2019 with an initiation ceremony “Purification by flame” when the Providence Catholic School Board, a group of 30 French-speaking establishments in the province of Ontario, threw in the fire some thirty satanic books, the main purpose of which is to redeem the favors of the descendants of the Iroquois, the first inhabitants of the province. According to a recent census there are more than one million Aboriginal people in Canada, or 4.3% of the country’s total population. The First Great Canadian Manitou Justin Trudeau steps out of his large teepee and breaks the silence. He strongly condemns this free stake.

The witch hunt isn’t just limited to children’s comics and albums. Novels, encyclopedias, stories… are touched by this great madness of literary purification. The exclusion affects old books and new publications. All the reasons are good to rule out disrespectful works accused of reproducing outdated stereotypes. Qualifier a native of “Red skin” is deemed unacceptable language by the Providence Council. The biographies and accounts of explorers such as Jacques Cartier, Étienne Brûlé, Samuel de Champlain… have been withdrawn on the pretext of containing information deemed false.

Suzy Kies, a guardian of Indigenous knowledge from the First Nations, has many sorrows. She wants to hang the scalp of those who have harmed her ancestors on the painted totem pole of her camp. She accuses the authors of comics and novelists of:

– privilege the white man;
– always give power to pale faces;
– confine the Indian (the native) in the role of the villain;
– give an image of the indigenous woman as a squaw easy to seduce;
– present the natives as wild and lazy;
– the Amerindian word to be excluded because of a browser error;
– paint the natives as inveterate drinkers.

She goes very far in this dangerous delirium. She is waging a psychological war against her compatriots. She shoots arrows at contemporary Native authors. They too go by the wayside, they are dismissed because of words deemed inappropriate or detrimental to youth by addressing taboo subjects such as alcohol or other substances. The authors complain that their books have been removed from libraries without being notified or consulted.

This blindness pushes the person in charge of this campaign to ban any work written on the natives without consulting the native communities. She throws her tomahawk at her opponents, which cuts the air by whistling. Never about us without us ” is his battle cry. This refusal of any opinion other than those of theirs is a dangerous self-satisfaction because this absurd and sterile censorship can hamper all creativity.

Indigenous ancestry invented

This wave of madness to wash away affront with fire has fueled discord between social groups. Genealogists, gathered in a council of wise men, looked into his case. They searched the archives and traced back to 1780 in search of the origins of Suzy Kies, guardian of the idyllic image of the First Nations. They give their first smoke signals at the end of the Council of Elders. No trace. She would have lied about her origins. This snub forced the Providence council to temporarily suspend its plan to purify the atmosphere by throwing books at the stake.

Imagine the opposite, if each time a social, ethnic or linguistic group … understands that it is wronged, betrayed or badly represented initiates a removal procedure or requests the withdrawal of the offending book? No more plays on gays if the author is not a homo as they say. Only ethnic African-Americans whose origins date back to the beginning of the slave trade in Africa can write about African-Americans today. On the first pages of books on Islam and Muslims depicting the author’s Arab and Muslim origins with Saudi customs stamps attesting to his pilgrimage to Mecca.

This favorable behavior can only deteriorate inter-community relations and harm economic, social and cultural activities. Social groups will be inclined to choose and act according to subjective criteria which will dictate their choice. A self-censorship that appeals only to the vain. The adventure instead of ending as usual around a large tub in the evening, where grilled wild boar is never lacking on the menu, where gervoise flows from barrels, this time the books of youth and comics are the firewood of a humor ill-appreciated by a nation that has paid dearly for the dominance of the white man.

* Retired international civil servant.

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