9 fashion books you must have read at least once in your life (to become a true expert in the field)

Here is a little reading to forge you a formidable mode of culture!

Whether you are passionate about fashion or simply curious to learn a little more about this fascinating universe, there is nothing better than a good book to educate yourself and to push the doors of this environment too. secret, that private. Between biographies, success stories, history books or pretty photo albums, there is no lack of references when you want to treat yourself to a little literary trip to the lairs of the fashion world.

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Exciting and inspiring books

So many fascinating and inspiring books, which allow us to learn more about the icons of style (sometimes unrecognized) or the renowned designers who revolutionized their time, to better understand the influences behind certain trends or the hidden meaning of creations that have become iconic, or to have fun with the jokes and socialites of this world where scandals and dramas of all kinds are legion.

Very often, fashion books are also for the most part visually aesthetic and as pleasant to browse and read, as to put forward in your library or on your bedside table.

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