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When you need to borrow money, this can for many very easily end up being a much more expensive experience than it needs to be. This is because one has not researched the market well enough for what is available from loan options out there.

Need to borrow money


When you need to borrow money and it goes through a so-called unsecured loan, it may be easier to borrow money online with a consumer loan, if you do not know which loan provider to choose, only one company on our website will borrow you money without having to provide collateral for the loan!

Loans often have high interest rates


This can be a great benefit, but it can also leave you with problems in the future, these loans often have high interest rates. The advantage of borrowing money online is precisely the fact that on the Internet it is easier to compare different offers. You do not have that feeling if you sit there in the bank with a nice person who is just looking for you to sign a loan application with them.

Loans that are much more expensive

Loans that are much more expensive

However, if there is one thing that is 100% secure, then it is that there is a particular type of loan you have to stay far away from, and there are fast SMS loans. Fortunately, this is not a popular form of borrowing money, and that’s a good thing. These are loans that are much more expensive than any other type of financing. You typically only borrow NOK 200-1000, but the interest rate is so high that what you buy for small money ends up costing you much more than it tastes. Good luck