Loans for New Activities: Here’s Which To Choose


Loans for new businesses are economic services that can make the difference for new entrepreneurs, who have a particular need to access credit.

Loans for new entrepreneurs: what lenders offer

With the crisis in the labor market and with the need to rethink employment, credit institutions have developed a different sensitivity towards loans for new businesses, making available to users of ad hoc plans for those who have just created an entrepreneurial activity.

An interesting example in this regard is Lite Lender’s New Companies – Start Up loan. How does this product work? First of all, remember that it allows you to request up to $ 100,000 and repay the aforementioned amount in a maximum of 7 years (to also consider any 24-month pre-amortization plan).

How to access New Companies – Start Up: here are the requirements

How to access New Companies - Start Up: here are the requirements

Those interested in loans for new businesses can only be interested in the requirements to access New Companies – Start Up. Which ones are they? First of all the ‘registration to the Chamber of Commerce within the last 21 months and, secondly, the ability to demonstrate that they can provide their own financial means at least 30% of the initial investment.

Another important requirement is the issue of a Across Lender guarantee for 60% of the amount requested. It is also fundamental to remember that the customer can choose between a fixed and a variable rate and that, in the second case, the interest is calculated on the basis of the 3-month reference rate bank parameter.

Loans to newly started businesses: other products not to be missed

Loans to newly started businesses: other products not to be missed

As we have already mentioned, lenders have definitively opened up to the economic needs of new entrepreneurs, which is why it is very easy today to find loans for new businesses. In addition to Lite Lender, there are also other banks that offer them and among these it is possible to mention Best Bank, which allows you to access the Spin Lender Startup product.

The structure of this loan provides for the possibility of receiving up to $ 50,000, repayable with a fixed rate amortization plan and in a span of between 19 and 120 months. Among the requirements necessary to access this loan is the drafting of a structured business plan.

Loans for new businesses: what does Infra Bank offer?

Loans for new businesses: what does Banca Intesa offer?

In addition to Lite Lender and Best Bank, Infra Bank also makes loans available to entrepreneurs for new businesses. In this case, we are talking about the product Investment Business Financing, dedicated to micro enterprises, medium enterprises but also to freelancers.

This loan can be unsecured and last up to 10 years; if, on the other hand, it is decided to present a real guarantee, the repayment plan can last another 10 and therefore reach 20. The aforementioned plan, which can be at a fixed or variable rate, covers the first initial investments up to a maximum of $ 750,000.